WWart Project

Uniting Us


Hinterland Gallery in Folkestone was the first to open the new exhibition “LOVE and FEAR” by Dutch-born artist Jolanda Aucott, the artistic force behind the World Wide Art Project; an exciting and ambitious project that explores the following questions:

What can we achieve when we collaborate together?

Do our backgrounds affect the way we experience human emotions or are we united by a common experience, a oneness?

Does our education, faith, nationality or gender change our views?

The project deals with the association of core human emotions through artistic expression. The themes attached to the works – “LOVE” and “FEAR” – will show the power and beauty of a combined creation and the effect the theme has on the end result. Is it what one would expect or is it a complete surprise?



The exhibition was setup showing a series of portraits made by the artist where she expresses the changes of the” outside”, all portraits are based on the same face, changing only the skin colour, cultural and social differences to show how different we react looking at the same person in a different situation.

This was made in contrast with the collage paintings made by different groups of people she worked with, showing the project where ‘the inside’ changes by the emotions different people express within the same face. The Love and Fear. In these paintings the artist has put the pieces together again to make the face complete.

All portraits are based on exactly the same outline of the same face as used for the paintings of the “outside”.

You can read more about the Dover College here.

Just some of the contributions by pupils at Dover college and the Folkestone Gurkha community.

Please contact me if you have any questions or interested in taking part in the project or fill in the contact form for an information pack.
Taking part is possible by donation to keep the project running in different less fortunate communities or by booking a workshop to get your community to create a new unique face of Love and Fear.